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How Does Counselling Work?

Counselling exists to help people to explore feelings and emotions that are often related to past experiences. It can be very helpful to have help to reflect on what is happening in your life (especially when times are difficult, have a difficult decision to make, or you are feeling low), to consider alternative ways of doing things.

Usually the counselling takes place on a weekly basis and in a confidential setting, counselling is a unique experience where someone has time to listen attentively to you in a friendly and non-judgemental way.

Thus counselling only works if you are able to feel comfortable with your counsellor. It is also important that you are prepared to do some homework if this is set, it will be something simple like keeping a journal, but your engagement in the process is essential if the therapy is to make good progress.

What is Counselling?

Talking to others is often the way we try to work through problems. Often we confide in people close to us, but there are times when these people are not enough, or perhaps it is actually these same people that are now the cause of our need to talk. This is the time when seeing a counsellor can be helpful.
Counsellors offer empathy and respect so that clients can express their own feelings and perhaps understand themselves from a different perspective. The aim is to reduce their confusion and enable clients to make the changes in their life they feel will help them if they decide to do so.
Counsellors do not give advice as such, but help clients to make their own choices within the framework of an agreed counselling contract. Counsellors should work to ethical guidelines as laid down by one of the counselling associations. I am a member of two associations and receive supervision from a senior colleague on a monthly basis in line with those ethical guidelines.



One client said at the end of therapy:        “Thank you Colin for your time, and the energy and wise words you have helped me with, I have really appreciated your help trying to unravel the ‘real’ me.”

Another said: “a huge thank you for your time, patience and your help and expertise. I have learned a huge amount about myself through the exercises we have done, through the models you have shown me and the books you have recommended”.




Counselling is either online or (if COVID restrictions allow) in person at:

Delta House,
33 Hockliffe Street
Leighton Buzzard

Delta House is next door to the baptist church. There is limited parking available so could clients please use the public car park opposite the church. The building has a disabled access ramp and a lift.


Leighton Buzzard Counselling Appointments

Appointments for counselling are normally held weekly in Leighton Buzzard, near the town centre. Clients are advised to park in the nearby public car park as on-site parking is not available.

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Get Help With:

  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Low Confidence
  • Relationships
Making Decisions
  • Anxiety and Fear

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