I heard someone on the radio today who said listen to your feelings as they tell the truth. This is is a very common belief today but does it really make sense? For feelings to be a source of truth they would need to be always consistent and offer some evidence to this effect. In my experience and those of my clients feelings can be very erratic. Perhaps what this statement is saying is that our gut feeling and instinct is often a good guide to what we want to do and this I would agree with. Having said that we do need to test feelings and see them as one of several inputs to finding the truth in any situation. After all, don’t a lot of our problems come from faulty feelings? If we are honest we can all think of times when our feelings have changed like the wind. Perhaps we have not been feeling well or had some bad news or something has triggered a memory and suddenly our mood has changed. What counselling can do is to help us become more self-aware and to be able to get perspective by standing back and observing what is happening in us and in our relationships with others. Counselling can help us see how our feelings are affected by our thoughts and as we change our thinking about someone or a situation so our feelings will change. At Hope Counselling we offer the option to explore not only how we feel but also how we think. We can also offer the extra dimension of looking at our spirituality. Not everyone wants to do this of course and that is OK. It is entirely up to the client what is explored. However, those clients who have some faith can find help to explore the meaning of life and purpose.

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